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Grow your business.

Grow your business.

Truck Loans
Heavy Equipment Financing - and more!

We Close Loans Every Week. We Won't Shut You Down!

      This is Steve Downing with the Truck Loan Division of Clear Sailing Financial in Clearwater, Florida. We finance trucks, nationwide!

      We specialize in Truck Loans! Also . . .
      Heavy Equipment Lease/Loans
      Standard Business Financing

      We get the tough ones done!

      Email me at: s.downing@inbox.com


      Steve Downing

      Services Offered

      1) Truck and Trailer Loans - Heavy Equipment Financing
      - Trucks: Straight Trucks, Sprinters, Hot Shots, Dump Trucks, etc.
      - Trailers: Reefers, All Kinds
      - Heavy Equipment (Yellow Iron): Bulldozers, Cranes, All Kinds
      - Sale/Leasebacks, Truck Repair Loans
      - Refinancing, Trade-Ups

      1a) Trucker Invoice Factoring
      - Invoice/Factoring Funding - We will purchase your invoices
      - You must be a trucking company with at least two trucks.
      - We do fuel cards, too.

      2) Business Equipment Financing - Loans/Leasing
      - Specialized Equipment
      - Machinery: Industrial, Laser, High-Tech, etc.
      - Furniture, Computer Systems, Vehicles
      - Restaurant, Kitchen, Baking Equipment
      - Wholesale Food Preparation, Encapsulating Technology
      - Mixing/Processing Equipment, Canning, Packaging Equipment

      3) High-end Commercial Loans - $1MM to $10MM
      - Franchise and non-franchise business expansion/acquisition
      - Fixed interest rates (4 to 7%), 10 to 25 yr. term
      - 10+ National Lender partners
      - Less emphasis on collateral, lower injection
      - If you deal makes sense, we will fund it

      4) Oil Lease Financing - up to $100MM
      - Letter of Intent or Purchase/Sale Agreement
      - Target Company financial statements required
      - References and resumes
      - Production history, Reserve Report, Decline curves, etc.

      5) Franchise Financing
      - Franchise Term Loans up to $500K
      - Advanced Franchise Financing: $1MM to $10MM, 25 year terms
      - We specialize in Franchise Equipment Leasing
      - Serving Hundreds of Franchises

      6) Standard Business Asset-based Products
      - Invoice/Factoring Funding - We will purchase your invoices
      - Purchase Order Financing - Cash needed for order fulfillment

      7) Business Working Capital Loans
      - $30,000 to $200,000 loan amounts, 2 to 5 year repayment terms
      - Fixed interest rate from 5.99% to 24.99%
      - Monthly repayments, No pre-payment penalties
      - Credit Score: 640+
      - 2+ years in business
      - Business owners must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents
      - Business owners who own 20% or more must provide a personal guarantee.
      - Cash flow to support loan payments
      - No Bankruptcies or foreclosures in the last 3 years
      - No Outstanding tax liens

      8) Startup Loans and Businesses Open Less Than 2 Years
      - High Risk: 30% of new businesses fail within 2 years
      - Programs: Pre-qualify with 480+ 600+ or 700+
      - SURPRISE: Your cash flow must support payments
      - Tell me your Credit Score and Income Up Front


      We close Truck Loans. Every week. We can and will close yours!

      Email me at: s.downing@inbox.com


      Steve Downing
      Clear Sailing Financial
      Email: s.downing@inbox.com
      Clearwater Beach, Florida - We fund nationwide.


      Steve Downing        signature

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