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Grow your business.

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      This is Steve Downing with Clearsailing Financial in Clearwater, Florida.

      We specialize in hard money lending for development projects, investor and builder spec funding for new home builds, commercial lending and just about any real estate financing that's outside of the box. Also . . .

      Working Capital Loans
      Equipment Lease/Loans
      Invoice Factoring
      Oil, Gold, Mineral Lending
      Standard Business Financing
      Truck and Heavy Equipment Financing

      We get the tough ones done!

      Email me at: s.downing@inbox.com


      Steve Downing

      Services Offered

      1) Hard Money Lending for . . .
      - Development Projects
      - Commercial Financing
      - Any Real Estate Financing outside the box
      - Investor/Builder Spec Funding (New Home Builds)

      2) Short Term Business Loans - $5K to $5MM
      - Get Funded in 3 to 5 days!
      - Revenue-based on Your Future Receivables
      - Credit Score 300+
      - 3 Months Minimum Time-in-Business
      - $6,000 Minimum Average Monthly Income (past 3 months)
      - Best for Projects with Immediate ROI and Quick Turnaround:
      - Marketing Campaigns, Inventory Deals, Seasonal Hiring, etc.
      - No Collateral Required

      3) Startup Credit-line Program - $25K to $150K
      - 600+ Credit Required - ALL THREE CREDIT BUREAUS
      - Startups Okay
      - Established Businesses Are Welcome, Too:
      - No Time-in-Business Requirement
      - No Collateral Required - No Upfront Fees
      - Credit Line Issued As High-limit Credit Cards
      - 0% APR Typical - 6 Months to 18 Months
      - All 50 States - 700+ Industries
      - Fast Funding (10 days or less) - Monthly Payments
      - Again, 600+ Minimum Credit Score - All 3 Credit Bureaus

      4) Unsecured Business Line of Credit - up to $750K
      - Revolving Line - Grows with You - Only Pay For What You use
      - 551+ FICO Score
      - 3+ Months Time-in-Business
      - $250K Minimum Annual Sales
      - Must be a Brick and Mortar Establishment
      - Must be a Homeowner with a Current Mortgage
      - Maximum of 2 Outstanding Cash Advances (short term loans)

      5) Invoice Factoring - Global Reach
      - We will purchase your invoices, providing immediate working capital
      - 30-days, 45-days, 60-days? Why wait 60 days? Get paid today!
      - We Can Factor Your Customers in 40 Countries

      6) Equipment Loans/Leasing - up to $55MM
      - ANY type of equipment for the following industries:
      - Agriculture, aviation, food processing,
      - Heavy construction, industrial, manufacturing
      - Marine, medical, mining, oil/gas, transportation, more
      - Truck Loans and Heavy Equipment
      - Equipment Acquisition/Refinance
      - Equipment Collateral/Hard Money Loans
      - Lease, Sale/Lease-back and Term Loans
      - 2 Years Minimum Time-in-Business - No Startups

      7) SBA Loans - The "Gold Standard" of Loans
      - Lowest Rates, Longest Terms
      - Length of SBA Loans: 10 to 25 years
      - up to $5MM
      - Business Loans backed by the Small Business Administration
      - Equipment, Working Capital, Real Estate
      - Business expansion/acquisition Financing

      8) Mid-Term Non-SBA Loans
      - Business Loans - Monthly Payments
      - Equipment, Working Capital, Real Estate
      - Business expansion/acquisition Financing
      - Length of Term Loans: 2 to 5 years
      - Faster, Less Paperwork Than SBA Loans

      9a) Truck Loans and Heavy Equipment Financing
      - Trucks: Big Rigs, Straight Trucks, Dump Trucks, etc.
      - First Truck or Fleet Expansion
      - Trailers: Reefers, Dry Vans (heated, vented, etc.), etc.
      - Heavy Equipment: Bulldozers, Cranes, Excavators
      - Farm Equipment: Tractors, etc.

      9b) Freight Factoring - Exclusive to trucking
      - Industry Leading rates
      - Fuel discount cards
      - No monthly minimums
      - No start-up fees
      - Fuel discount cards
      - Free same day funding
      - Free credit search tool

      9c) Commercial Work Truck Protection
      - Class 3 - 8 truck warranty programs
      - 10 years old and newer vehicle coverage
      - Multi-year options for Engine, Transmission, and/or Differentials
      - Tow Services: Breakdown and collision assistance anytime, anywhere
      - Turbo and Emissions package
      - 24/7 live claims service
      - Multilingual call center assistance

      10) Personal Loans: $10K to $40K
      - Minimum Loan Amount: $10K
      - Maximum Loan Amount: $40K
      - 700+ Credit - Good Credit History
      - No Upfront Fees
      - Must be employed with income to support loan payments

      11) Gold and Mineral Mining Loans - $50MM and up
      - $50MM Minimum Lend
      - Global Metals Industry Giant
      - Senior Debt Capital for Mining Companies:
      - Initiation or Expansion of Mine Production
      - Offices in Bermuda, Hong Kong, London . . .
      - New York, Shanghai and Sydney

      12) Oil Lease Financing - $5MM to $25MM
      - Potential Lend up to $50MM
      - Letter of Intent or Purchase/Sale Agreement
      - Target Company financial statements required
      - References and resumes
      - Production history, Reserve Report, Decline curves, etc.


      We close Loans. Every week. We can and will close yours! We get the tough ones done!

      Email me at: s.downing@inbox.com


      Steve Downing
      Clear-Sailing Financial
      Email: s.downing@inbox.com
      Clearwater Beach, Florida - We fund nationwide.


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