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12 Hour Diet

12 Hour Diet



          Hi! This is Steve Downing in Clearwater, Florida. I'm the author of an ebook entitled, "The 12-Hour Diet!" It is a simple but powerful method of losing weight.

          Since it is so simple, I am having trouble describing what it is - without giving away the contents! Hmmm! Let me think about this for a few moments! For now, let me say that "The 12-Hour Diet" works and works well! I know because I used it to lose 60 pounds in 6 months!

          What can you expect here?

          This won't be a 47-page long "landing page" that goes on forever.

          This won't be a "lead capture" page that demands your email address, in return for:
          1. a "free" ebook or
          2. the "privilege" of watching a marketing video!

          There won't be any pop-up windows when you leave this page, urging you to buy the same, exact product, discounted by 75%! This is known as a down-sell!

          There won't be any additional products to buy after you buy The 12-Hour Diet. This is called an up-sell. Some merchants do two or three up-sells - on the same product!

          To be clear, when you buy The 12-Hour Diet, there will be no up-sells and no down-sells.

          There won't be any paid-for, video "endorsements" or ficticious, written "testimonials" or photos of actors dressed up to look like doctors!

          There won't be any phony "before/after" photos.

          There won't be a series of "valuable" bonuses - included for free - that are "worth" $1,999!

          There won't be any silly timers urging you to act within the next 55 minuutes!

          My name actually IS Steve Downing - and not a "nom de plume" or pen name, an all too common gimmick in the digital marketplace, where merchants write multiple ebook products with essentially the same information but under different titles and with different names!

12 Hour Diet


          Let me describe the 12-Hour Diet the only way I can: by saying what it IS NOT!

          It has nothing to do with hormonal switches or Paleo recipes or belly fat or diet pills or lost codes or the Wizard of Oz - or anbody named Oz!

          There won't be any reference to Neanderthal diets, Paleo, Pilates, Zumba, CrossFit, Beach Body, Oprah, Beyonce, Adonis, Venus, bikinis, bikini bodies, bikini bellies, belly fat, stubborn belly fat, excess belly fat, belly flab, flat bellies, lean bellies, skinny bellies, leaky guts, flat ABs, 6-pack abs, hip flexors, big butts, bubble butts, small butts, tight booties, jiggly booties, perfect booties, booty shaping, booty toning, booty shaking, great legs, cellulite, manboobs, trouble spots or power yoga!

          There won't be any reference to body sculpting, body shaping, body transformation, dream bodies, skinny bodies, military or bootcamp training, 60 or 90-day challenges, exercising - anabolic, catabolic, aerobic, cardio or anaerobic, pre- and post workouts, biceps, triceps, kettlebells, dumbbells, stretchy bands, circuit training, HIIT, interval training, muscle maximizing, running, walking, twerking, melting, sweating, flexing, flattening, shredding, shrinking, shapeshifting, eliminating, surging, recharging, rebooting, burning, squats, crunches or fat loss secrets of the rich and famous!

          There won't be any reference to Hollywood, South Beach, Scarsdale, The Mediterranean, old school menus, low fat recipes, the zone, genomes, cellular switches - alpha or beta, fat burning, good fat, bad fat, inbetween fat, high fat, low fat, fat melting, fat loss, weight loss - rapid, medium or slow, keto, ketosis, alkalinity, acidity, pH - high, neutral or low, detoxing, cleansing, juicing, transforming, accelerating, holistic methods, golden or silverized ratios, raw food, gluten-free, high carb, low carb, veganisn, carnivorism or primal eating habits!

          There won't be any reference to metabolic loopholes, genetic codes, alien technology, elite-only health protocols, Eastern healing methods, data from Tesla's notebooks, health hacks, matrix charts or medical abracadabra!

          There won't be any reference to anything that is lost, hidden, secret or ancient.

          There won't be anything that is extreme, insane, total or full throttle.

12 Hour Diet


I thought your 12-Hour Diet was a joke at first, so I bet my buddy a bucket of bananas that it wouldn't work. I was wrong! He was so busy counting my money that the bananas got overripe and he had to make banana bread.

Thanks for making The 12-Hour Diet! I'm a much better monkey because of it!

Manny the Chimp
Vermont, USA


My buddy Manny told me about the 12-Hour Diet and since my pants are too tight and don't fit me any more, I thought I'd give it a shot. Boy! Am I happy that I did! Even the orangutans couldn't believe it!

I can even wear pants that were stored away from high school. Now I'm the most fashionable chimp in the zoo!

Chimp next to the Ape Cage
Texas, USA


          Once again, this is Steve Downing in Clearwater, Florida. I'm selling an ebook entitled, "The 12-Hour Diet!"

          The 12-Hour Diet is the simplest and easiest weight-loss diet you will ever love! It is easy to understand and simple to implement. It is inexpensive. I really can't tell you any more than that!

          The price is $14.99. There are no upsells and no downsells. It works! You WILL lose weight and you WILL "Rock Any Outfit" you wear!

          I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

          Buy it today. You have nothing to lose but that extra weight!

          To purchase the 12-Hour Diet - $14.99 - Click the Following Link:

Click Here to Purchase the 12-Hour Diet

          If you have any questions, please email me at: "admin AT"

          Good Luck and All My Best,

        Steve Downing        signature              

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12-Hour Diet!

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